Rubicons Moonlit Motion

One of the only Cremello foals by Raleighs Full Moon, “Rubicon” is an outstanding Cremello stud colt. He was bred by Moonrock and sold to Megan Bittle of Blue Dreamin’ Farms. We are hoping he will carry on the fabulous genetic lines that Raleighs Full Moon possesses. Megan is an accomplished trainer and will be able to promote this young stallion through a diverse show career.


I wanted to send you a special thank you for all that you have done. You are not only a friend and fellow horse enthusiast, you are a mentor. Because of you and your exceptional stallion Moon, I have been able to follow my dreams of owning a stallion, breeding lovely foals, and training athletic horses. Rubicon is almost 2 years old, time goes by so fast, and maturing into a handsome young stallion just like his sire. Rubicon knows he has a lot to live up to if he wants to be anything like Moon.

As a trainer who has personally started horses by Raleighs Full Moon, I can say that they have all been consistent in that they are very trainable, athletic, and beautiful in movement and eye appeal. Moon’s foals are always willing to work and pick up on lessons so fast; I have to keep reminding myself to stay with the program. I can’t wait to start Rubicon, although he already lets me sit on him and lay him down on the ground. Each horse is the same, but unique as well. They each have brilliant color and a kind personality, not a mean bone in their body! I love my two foals by Moon! Rubicon never even acts like a stallion and Moons Dream Image who is a yearling can be handled by my 15 year old clients!

I took Havana Daydreamin, who I had the opportunity to start, down the trail after just three weeks under saddle. I feel that all the babies need to get out of the arena; it’s great for their mind. She went through water, pushed cattle, went up and down hills, was in the back or led the way, all as if she had done it for years. She is excelling in dressage and always wants to please. All of Moon’s foals are exceptional movers in all three gaits. They have a natural self carriage with balance and even tempo. They truly are versatile horses, excelling in many disciplines. They all have a very soft mouth and jaw, which makes training them that much more enjoyable. I hosted the American Warmblood Registry Inspection and had the opportunity to hear first hand from the Inspection judge how nice all the Moon babies were. Something that was no surprise, each Moon baby that was presented was awarded their American Warmblood Registry papers. My foal, Image, by Moon and out of my Seattle Slew mare, was among them. I could talk about how nice these horses are all day long and watch them move too; they are so graceful.

Catherine, you had a vision of what you wanted to produce when you purchased Moon, and I can say from watching Moon grow into a beautiful horse and now a proven stallion, that your dreams have come true. There are very few stallions who are so great, and even fewer who go on to become amazing sires. Catherine, you and Moon have made a lasting beneficial impression in the equine industry. I wish all the horses I had the opportunity to train were comparable to the Moon babies, for they really are exceptional!

Your friend, Megan Bittle
Blue Dreamin’ Farms




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Raleighs Full Moon


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