As one of only two foals by Raleighs Full Moon out of a Friesian mare, this cross is already proving to a magnificent animal with loads of elegance and style. The Moon x Friesian cross has the baroque stature and movement of a purebred Friesian who’s been dipped in gold with the outstanding temperament found in all Moon babies. Surprisingly, the first foal was born a dark Palomino.

Rōhnen lives in Colorado where he is growing up in the beautiful Rocky Mountains and will be lightly started under saddle when he matures. He’s expected to reach well over 16h+ and will be used for a variety of disciplines. The photos in the gallery were taken at 18 hours old, 3 days old and right after his second birthday when he first arrived in Colorado. More photos coming soon!

“I have always admired Moon as a stallion. I find him to be one of the kindest, sweetest tempered and most consistent producing stallions ever. I have always dreamed of owning a Moon baby, plus, having a thing for buckskins didn’t hurt the dream any either.

In 2015 I bought my wife an anniversary present that she had always dreamed of owning herself. For our 12th anniversary I bought her a Friesian. We hadn’t had any horses for the past 8 years roughly; between work and life in general it just didn’t seem to work out.

After a while of her newfound love and attention grabber, she thought I needed to get back into horses too. She started asking me questions and taking notes about all of my likes and dislikes and what truly made up my dream horse. Come the end of it she contacted Catherine knowing that I had always dreamed of owning a Moon baby. We have been friends with Catherine almost as long as we have been together and my wife remembered getting an email with photos of this stunning little half Friesian Moon baby about a year earlier. She never told me too much about what she was doing and surprised me with an early father’s day present that just blew me away.

I knew that she had gotten me a gelding by Moon; I just didn’t expect to be swept off my feet so quickly by this amazing little gelding. When he arrived at the facility, he unloaded perfectly with it only being his first trailer ride ever. Once the haulers handed me the lead rope, he just stared at me like, “So you’re my new family!” His eyes were bright and his ears were up and giving me every ounce of attention he had in his body. Within just a few minutes, it felt like I hadn’t been without a horse ever in my life. Rōhnen took to me so fast I’m still in shock to this day. Every day that I go to the barn to see him he comes to greet me with the happiest of expressions and kisses me on the cheek. If he’s in a pasture or turn out he will nicker back to me when I call his name and come running. I can do absolutely anything with this little guy that I could ever want to. He will even leave his food to come hangout with me instead. He’s that proverbial in your pocket kind of horse that is just amazing to be around and we absolutely love him.

I have to say for all the dreams that I have ever wished to come true, only three have ever been what I really wanted or needed in life… they are my wife, my daughter and my buckskin Moon baby and all three of them have given me so much more joy and fulfillment in life than I could have ever imagined possible.

I just want to say thank you so much Catherine, for having such a wonderful stallion that passes on such great qualities to his offspring.”







Raleighs Full Moon


Imported Friesian Mare

Dam’s Sire

Odes (Friesian Stallion)