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Moonbeam McQueen

Moonbeam McQueen is pictured here as a weanling and at 15 months. He ia a Palomino Quarter Horse gelding whose owner rides with the mounted patrol in Southern California. She was breeding for temperament, trainability and size. Read below to hear how the resulting foal is growing into her dream horse.

“Everybody notices this baby. Not only his color but his conformation is very eye catching. What really gets them is his ATTITUDE! He is the sweetest, most loving, willing baby. He goes anywhere. He picks everything up quickly and then just wants to please! Just last month I taught him to trailer load, bathe, clip, wear a bareback pad, and more. And when I say I taught him, there was nothing to it. He’s born broke to everything I can show him!

Catherine was so easy to work with and she was right on about all the wonderful qualities that Raleigh would pass on. This baby has them ALL. I can’t wait to ride him! I am so, so grateful for this wonderful horse! Mickey is a treasure who makes every day a pleasure! Thank you again, Catherine!

“Mickey” was born of a super sweet QH mare. I was looking for a stallion with similar qualities when I found Raleighs Full Moon – gorgeous and sweet! I got the baby of my dreams. A Palomino colt (now gelded) that is even sweeter than his mother. Everyone compliments him and is amazed that he’s 15 months old with the attitude that he has. He goes anywhere, following so nicely. When I decided to throw a saddle pad and then a bareback pad on him, he didn’t bat an eye, and then when I walked him around, he was so proud! We trailer all over the place and hand walk along trails, you’d think he was 10 years old. What a sweet, willing, handsome boy! He is also a total love bug and loves people. He’s just fun to be around. I’m so proud of him!”

“Just wanted to say thanks again for this fabulous horse! He went to a clinic, we’re just breaking him now. He has maybe 10 rides. He was great! The other horses didn’t bother him and he did really well. He’s taking to working life very well, not really much fuss from him.

I LOVE the way he MOVES!! I’m thinking of making him a dressage horse. Such a fabulous trot, esp for a baby, you’d think he was a pro! Just natural, beautiful movement!”

-Sarina Wayne, CA






Raleighs Full Moon



Dam’s Sire

Jets Nugget