LRC Isabellas Pearl

“AQHA registered Pearl is absolutely gorgeous. I did not blanket her this year and she is dappled and light in color. I am seriously considering haltering her next year in some AQHA shows as she certainly has the conformation and muscling for it. Then I will find out her true color since she would be blanketed. I suspect she will stay light. I saddled her for the first time a couple of weeks ago. We start our horses later than most. It just works better for us since we are not in any hurry with the youngsters and when we start riding them at 3 they seem more physically and mentally mature. Anyway, we do saddle them a few times and might get on them as long 2 year olds but don’t really ride them. Pearl acted like she had been doing it all her life. I was so absolutely proud of her. I bridled her and she hardly even mouthed the bit. We then went for a long walk around our place (me leading her) and then she stood tied for quite awhile. Perfecto! Couldn’t have asked her to do anything better. I am excited about riding her next year. She has a huge hip, long thin neck, and a beautiful head. The rest in between is also just right. Her legs are perfectly straight. Pearl is quite a nice package.”

LuAnn Chadwick, MT
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