Hunters Moon Dance

“I remembered something Jennette told me about Dani. She said the new owner and trainer wanted to know when he was turning 4. This question was asked after their first ride. Jennette told them he was going to be 3. They were amazed at how well he was trained and how calm and patient he was in a new place, with two new riders. Needless to say he was purchased that very day. The new owner had put up with a very difficult mare for many years and was looking for an older broke dressage/trail horse. I am pleased to say the owner is out on the trails riding by herself because her wonderful OLDER horse is just a dream to ride. No spook, No bolt, No problem. I bet this is another Moon baby that has found his forever home. Good breeding=Good horses”.

-Lori Woods, Breeder

“I just want to give you an update on Dani (the golden boy). We won our little schooling show training level class with a score of 76%.”

-Gail Exstrom, Owner






Raleighs Full Moon



Dam’s Sire