CR Crème Bruleh

Moonrock’s first foal with the dynamic cross of the Foundation bred Quarter Horse, Raleighs Full Moon, on a lovely Arabian mare. “Beamer” named by his owner who received him as a 40th birthday gift from her wise husband, grew into a tall, dappled dark Palomino.

“I am looking forward to breeding one of my Hanoverian mares to your stallion. You have been a good stallion owner and very good at promoting your horse and keeping in touch with me. I see you as a model for how to maintain contact with customers. You are very hopeful; not pushy but very informative. I want to thank you a lot and I will look forward to our future contact. Thanks a million.”

–Joanie Wright






Raleighs Full Moon


BF Perfection

Dam’s Sire

RHR Scimitar