Brighton Moon Lyt

“Brighton” is a full sister to Done N Style pictured below. I received this email from her owner and am thrilled to hear how diverse this mare is in her talents, just like her champion brother, Geoffrey. Thanks to Kimberly Neils and her Arabian mare, OFW Sashay for bringing us these two loveable horses. I found and included some special foal pictures.

“I can’t even begin to tell you how much I adore this horse. When Brighton came into my life, she became a great partner. She has a wonderful mind, and a quirky personality that I love. She is a horse’s horse…loves all horses. I have never known a horse quite like her. I look at Moon’s picture many times a week. Brighton is the love of my life. I am smiling as I write this just thinking about her.

I am writing because as you know, these horses stand out everywhere they go. She has quite a fan club here. I do some dressage with her (that is what I bought her for), and we trail ride as often as we can (we both love that most of all). I learned quite by accident that she is very “cowie”…I wanted to expose her to cows in a sorting event, and I saw immediately that something clicked in her brain, and her instincts kicked in. We now sort and pen cows at least once a week.

She gets along with virtually every horse she has ever come in contact with. One day last week, I let her loose in the indoor arena to roll and play. The barn owner came in and asked if she could put her recently weaned filly in with her. I agreed, and she brought the filly in. Brighton immediately walked over to her, nuzzled her, and the two of them ran together and played for a long time. The baby dropped to roll, and Brighton rolled right next to her. It was the sweetest thing I have ever seen.

I call Brighton “a horse’s horse”. Yet on trails, if the other horses move too far ahead for her to see, she doesn’t seem to care at all. She’s opinionated, but is usually persuaded. And never with force. Once we were in Capitol forest (her first trail ride there about 2 years ago). She did not want to cross a narrow wooden bridge, so I told the other riders to go ahead. I was sure she would cross once they started to walk away. Nope. She just watched them leave, and then turned her attention back to the bridge. So I thought it was a good opportunity to work on bridges with her. I stood on the bridge, jumped up and down (telling her it was safe), and waited. She sniffed and pawed, and eventually crossed. She has never minded bridges since.

Well, that’s probably enough about my mare….I could write volumes about her. She challenges me, she is my sanctuary, and she makes me smile every single day. I simply can’t imagine life without her.”

Deb Stevens-WA




15 H


Raleighs Full Moon


Emotion VF

Dam’s Sire